About us

The Digital Dexterity Community of Practice (DigiDex CoP) is comprised of nominated Digital Dexterity Champions from CAUL and CONZUL member libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

We work to support our own organisations and the wider tertiary library community to build digital dexterity capabilities and drive positive change in relation to tech, by doing the following:

  • Promoting the CAUL Digital Dexterity Framework for Library Professionals and the CAUL Digital Dexterity Framework, and the importance of digital capabilities.
  • Encouraging digital dexterity in the workplace, including modelling a growth mindset towards acquiring and using digital skills.
  • Lead, promote or take part in digital dexterity initiatives.
  • Identify/facilitate professional development opportunities for colleagues.
  • Play an active role in advocating for, coordinating and energising the broader Community of Practice.

This blog is maintained by a group of enthusiastic members of the DigiDex CoP.  Here’s a little introduction to our blog bunch!

If you want to contribute, have a chat to one of the Blog Bunch or send an email to digidexbloggroup@lists.caval.edu.au